Barry Nix

[email protected]

Hardware Developer
Software Developer
Game Developer
UI/UX Designer

CEO @ Trinix Development

Founder @ PaintballDev


I have been developing since 2006 and designing since 2003. I like to solve problems, I like to learn, and I do not allow the lack of knowledge about something prevent me from accomplishing a goal. As a result, I have a very wide skillset in a plethora of industries. From the medical industry to the entertainment industry I've done A LOT of work. A lot of which may surpsie you :)

I am presently employed and am extremely happy where I am. Over the years I have learned to value **GOOD** employers over money, so there's no amount that could convince me go elsewhere unless my releationship with my employer and myself were to sour... which... barring some psychotic break on either of our parts is unlikely.

I AM open to freelancing however, so if you've got the cash and want an experienced professional, then look no further.

Programming Languages
PHP Coldfusion C# Java Python Javascript Node.JS C++ Go Swift Objective-C Blueprints (Unreal Engine)
MySQL SQL Server DynamoDB MongoDB PostgreSQL
Wordpress Drupal V-Bulletin Angular REACT jQuery 1,2, & 3 MVC (PHP,C#,NodeJS,Coldfusion) Bootstrap 2,3, & 4 Arduino .NET Unreal Engine Unity Framework Android SDK Apple SDK
Other Skills
Apache Ubuntu 12.04+ Windows 98+ OSX 10.5+ Bash Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Lightroom Adobe Premier Pro Adobe After Effects Blender 3D FreeCad Postfix Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft One Note Microsoft Outlook SSH SEO Social Marketing General Online Marketing Sales/Click Funnels
Client Work